PDF2EDI - Vorsprung durch die Teilnahme am elektronischen Datenaustausch

Entdecken Sie jetzt ihre Möglichkleiten und Chancen mit PDF2EDI.

PDF2EDI - efficiently optimize processes!

The PDF2EDI Services convert your PDF business documents into structured EDI messages. PDF2EDI offers a cost effective way to connect with your business partners and integrate processes.

With the help of PDF2EDI every supplier can automatically send e-Invoicing (electronic invoices) to his customers. The supplier does not have to change the system or the process or install additional software.
The PDF invoices are sent by the supplier e.g. simply by mail to the PDF2EDI service.

PDF2EDI is a central service that converts these PDF documents into the corresponding auto-gration or TecCom message.

SMEs play a central role in the automotive industry and are crucial in the supply and sale of vehicles, spare parts and services. Many SMEs and smaller partners send PDF business documents from programs such as Excel, SAGE, Lexware or KHK products.

PDF2EDI enables you to be successful in the global value chain and participate in electronic commerce.

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